March 23, 2009

Etta’s 18 month doctor visit

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Etta had her 18 month ped visit this morning. She was cranky and fussy, but she’s had a nasty cold/cough the last few days. She weighs 19.1 lbs and is 29.5 inches tall. 3% in both categories. The PA was concerned about those numbers, but she consulted with the Dr and he wasn’t. (I wasn’t concerned myself — we’re little people). On the other hand, her 47.1cm head circumference is in the 61st percentile. 🙂

She had her fourth DTaP and I think we’re done with vaxes until we hit school age at 4 or 5. And then we’ll revisit.

Our normal Dr canceled for a family emergency, but they were able to squeeze us in with a PA. I didn’t want to reschedule because of her nasty cold. She does have an ear infection in her right ear and they put her on amoxicillin. I haven’t really researched antibiotics much since we’ve had no need for them until now. Any thoughts?

Is there normally a 21 month appt? We skipped 15 months b/c I didn’t want to expose her to dr office germs in December just for height/weight check. I was going to skip 21 (if there is one), but the PA said to come back for a “growth check.” I’m not sure I want to do that as long as she’s healthy. My insurance only covers up to $500 of care a year (well child, vaxes, sick visits) and I don’t want to “waste” it in case she really needs to go later. Money isn’t the deciding factor — I’ll pay out of pocket if I need to, but this just seems silly. I’ve only really weighed over 100 lbs myself when I was pregnant. Bill was also a scrawny kid. All that said, the PA was great. I would definitely see her again when my preferred Dr isn’t available.

Other than that, all is well. We’ve transitioned to one nap a day, usually for 2 hours after an early lunch. Etta is a climber — she walks on window sills and gets onto the dinner table whenever she can. She’s a big helper when mom cleans or does the laundry. She also LOVES to be outside and throws a fit whenever we come in. She likes to care for her “babies” (the garden gnomes!) and play in dirt. She checks the bird feeders to make sure the birds have food. She plays basketball with her daddy and slam dunks when he lefts her up. Good thing the hoop is adjustable 😉

She follows simple commands and is starting to use small phrases (of real words). She talks to her Grammie on Skype almost every day. Actually, the kid never really shuts up and chatters all the time (must get that from her Daddy). She knows what dogs, kitties, sheep, and cows say. Her new love is Dora. She can blow her nose with a kleenex and still loves to unroll the toilet paper rolls.

Yay for Etta Lee!!


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