January 11, 2009

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Greetings readers.

Do you remember the days when I had over 100 regular readers on my blog? Back when I was a rising Diaryland star? haha. Maybe I’ll get more readers if I post these updates over on Facebook. Because you all should be interested in my boring life.

Anyway, here’s my latest battle with creativity (note that it’s not finished yet:

Cutie outfit

Cutie outfit

Contrasting yoke, peter pan collar, puff sleeves

Contrasting yoke, peter pan collar, puff sleeves

I’m on baby duty today, so not much computer time without “help.”


Updated To do list:

  1. Gather, wash & sort coats. – half done.
  2. Finish knitted sweater for Etta. – this project is hibernating b/c I got stuck.
  3. Quilt puppy top for Etta.
  4. Etta’s roman shade.
  5. Laundry. Always laundry to do.
  6. Find permanent storage place for yarn and knitting accessories.
  7. Clean sewing room.
  8. Make ebay list – started
  9. Take down tree
  10. Knit Kate’s hate
  11. Knit Etta’s longies – I cast them on and did the upper ribbing!
  12. Get class ready for work – 90%
  13. Finish outfit for Etta (see pics above)
  14. Defrost freezer (Bill emptied it; I need to refill later).
  15. Cut binding for dog quilt and bind.

January 1, 2009

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Updated To do list:

  1. Gather, wash & sort coats. – half done.
  2. Finish knitted sweater for Etta. – this project is hibernating b/c I got stuck.
  3. Quilt puppy top for Etta.
  4. Etta’s roman shade.
  5. Laundry. Always laundry to do.
  6. Find permanent storage place for yarn and knitting accessories.
  7. Clean sewing room.
  8. Make ebay list.

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1. I think the closet is done for now and we’re pretty happy with it. More room and less stuff to put in it.

2. Today I quilted the puppy quilt that I pieced back in 2006. Ha. I still need to trim it and bind it, so I’ll wait until then to post a photo. It’s going to go on the guest bed in Etta’s room and eventually I’ll piece the matching Kitty quilt. The final goal is to have the two quilts on trundle beds in her room. It’ll probably take me another 2.5 years to get the kitties done.

3. Sister and I sewed together today and it was very nice.

4. There’s been nothing on TV lately and this bothers me.

December 28, 2008

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1. I went to Lowe’s to buy more closet pieces and they don’t carry the line anymore (although they say they do on the website!). Hmm. So do we head to Home Depot or re-evaluate our plans? We decided to reconfigure what we have and then actually build out the back wall of the closet with wood and shelf brackets that we already have. In the end, it saves us bucks. Good deal and still very happy with the closet.

2. I mentioned yesterday that I’m trying to de-plasticize our kitchen. We started with pyrex and anchor hocking glass storage containers (the AH even have glass lids!). I’m slowly removing all of the Rubbermaid. All heating and reheating in the microwave happens in glass containers. We’re drinking water from Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottles. Etta uses BPA free bottles and sippy cups. The problem? I am ADDICTED to ziplock bags. Must work on this.

3. It’s gloomy and gross out. Yes, I know it’s December but I could use a little sun. I had to go to Walmart yesterday so that I could absorb the bright lights and perk up a little.

4. My new craft is knitting. I need to post pics of some of my projects. I’ve really been enjoying it since I can do it snuggled in bed watching TV (something I can’t do with quilting).

To do list:

  1. Gather, wash & sort coats.
  2. Finish knitted sweater for Etta.
  3. Quilt puppy top for Etta.
  4. Etta’s roman shade.
  5. Laundry. Always laundry to do.
  6. Find permanent storage place for yarn and knitting accessories.
  7. Clean sewing room.
  8. Make ebay list.

I know there’s more…I just can’t think of it now. And I’m waiting on a space heater before I can do much in my sewing room. It’s between 55-59 degrees in there and just not comfortable for working.

December 27, 2008

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1. It seems that a couple of my blogging friends are using lists in their posts. I like it. It’s neat and organized. I think I’ll try it. My absence here can be explained by an addiction to Facebook. For real.

2. We had a very nice Christmas with a only a few snags (I had the flu earlier in the week and some packages arrived the day after Christmas). Etta had a great time opening gifts and has been playing hard ever since. We celebrated with my family over the weekend and spent the actual Christmas Day here at home. I don’t think I’d ever been home for Christmas in my life until this year. It was nice. But different

3. We had a very nice master closet (7×10′) but I decided to mess with it and make it better. The last 2 nights have been spent sleeping in Etta’s room or on the floor because our bed is covered in clothes. Although the organizer installation won’t be complete tonight (we still need to purchase a few more pieces), I’m hoping that most of the clothes will be returned to the closet and I’ll be able to sleep in my own bed.

4. Nap time has been trying lately. Our little girl is growing up and her body is adjusting and stomping our beautiful schedule all to shit. I think we’re moving away from 2 naps a day, but she’s still not quite ready for one nap. I tried to keep her up today and she almost fell asleep in her lunch.

5. I don’t have to return to the office until January 13th, although I do have some work to do at home. Right now, January 13th seems like a LONG way away.

6. We spent $13k on a new furnace. It’s sort of nice and it’s saving us a bundle every month, but it’s not heating our house evenly and this is bugging me. We need them to come back out and fix it.

Until next time…


September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Etta Lee

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Etta & Grammie

Grammie & Etta on her 1st birthday

Again, neglect with the blog. My little one has grown up so quickly in the last year and you can’t blame me for wanting to spend all of my time with her instead of writing here.

The Etta Lee update: We celebrated Etta’s first birthday on Monday with both sets of Grandparents and her friend Adam. We had an Abby Cadabby theme and chocolate cake. Etta had fun opening her gifts, including many books, musical instruments, and a tricycle. Etta is almost 18lbs (still a little tyke), but tall for her weight. She’s walking up to 15 steps or so at a time. She skipped baby food and has been eating grown up food for about 4 months now because she doesn’t want to eat anything off a spoon. Give her a pork chop, cooked carrots, and some ice cream and she’s in heaven. She drinks whole milk. She still takes 2 naps a day (1.5 hours in the morning and 2-2.5 in the evening) and sleeps from 7pm-6am or more. She enjoys going to the sitter 2 days a week and playing with other kids. (Her mom really enjoy the 5 days a week that she is able to be home with Etta. ) Etta can say da-da, buh-bye, hi, and uh-oh. She can also parrot back several other words and phrases. This morning she repeated “cough cough” after her daddy. She has 4 teeth and another 2 breaking through — joy. She’s had her first plane ride. She’s still wearing cloth diapers. She loves Elmo, blocks, her walker wagon, and playing under the tents she and her daddy build in the bedroom.

I’m back to work 2 full days a week plus a few hours from home. It’s a change after being home for almost a year. I can’t say that I really missed work, but I do enjoy it now that I’m back. I’m hoping to make some progress in my quilting soon, and have started to learn how to knit. I’m still addicted to reality television, including Project Runway. I want a dress form for Christmas, please. I’m hoping that Etta and I will go to Europe next summer and maybe Bill will want to tag along. I think we should camp more. My sister is moving down here this weekend, and I’m excited that Etta will have an Aunt who takes her shopping and lets her eat ice cream for lunch. I sometimes like to write what I’m thinking, even if the thoughts are disjointed and not very deep. I really should make more of an effort to write here, especially since this blog is 7 years old. It deserves better.

January 27, 2008

Bloggedly, blog, blog…

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I’m a blogging maniac.

Do you remember when blogging wasn’t called blogging? Back at the turn of the century in 2000, we old-timers called it an online diary. Back then, I wanted to be popular online. I was a prolific updater and was getting dozens of hits a day, even hundreds a week. I did my own html programming and my layout was really cool. I would change it every so often. I designed layouts for other people. I even wrote interesting things. Go figure!

Etta is in bed, and has been since about 8pm, which means that she’ll probably be up at 4am. Bill is at a company Christmas party in Maryland, which is stupid because he had to drive 4.5 hours to get there, spouses weren’t invited, and Christmas is over. I’m watching last night’s Letterman. It’s such a slow TV night that even my TiVo is disappointing me.

I ate mozzarella sticks for dinner.

I’m behind on my Daily Bible reading, but I’ve been reading some other great books. Water for Elephants was amazing and I’ll be finishing up The Thirteenth Tale tonight after I log off. It’s also quite good. I really need to join the library (she’s been saying since 2001).

I leave you with a picture of Etta with Grammie’s dog, Luna. Luna only weighs about 2 lbs more than Etta.

January 13, 2008

Site Update

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Howdy. I changed the site settings so that you don’t have to be logged in to comment. Although I would have preferred it that way, stupid wordpress makes it too difficult for my readers. And then they don’t comment and I don’t feel the love. And that makes me sad. 

January 12, 2008

Jan 12

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Ah, the weekend. Today I spent a little time working on this:


I say only a little time, because if you look closely, you can see that it’s not quilted yet. This is a custom order baby quilt for someone who contacted me through I finished a monkey quilt for her this weekend, also. I’m hoping to finish this tomorrow so I can get them both mailed out early this week.

Etta Lee and I are headed to Grammie’s house on Monday and we have a dinner date with Great Grandma Etta. We’re going to spend some time with Grandpa Danley early in the week, too. Later in the week, we’ll play with Aunt KT and do some quilting with her and Grammie. In between, I’ll probably spend more money than I should, because I always do when I’m at my mom’s house. Luckily, this week we don’t have to take the puppies with us. They’re going to stay home with Daddy. It’s hard enough to travel alone with an infant. Add two dogs to the mix (one who is deaf, blind, and mostly incontinent) and it makes for an interesting trip.

Little monkey has been sleeping 8-10 hours a night, which is wonderful. Last night she got up at 3:30am, so we changed a diaper and swigged down a couple of ounces, and went back to sleep. Hopefully that was a hiccup. She’ll be 4 months next week, so I’m expecting her sleep schedule to go all wonky on us anytime soon. We weighed her tonight before her bath and she’s 12 lbs 6 oz at 17 weeks. She’ll have doubled her birth weight by next week and has moved up to size medium g diapers. She’s grown out of about half of her size 0-3 month clothes!

I’ve decided that I’m going to work 10 hours a week from home this semester because being a SAHM makes me poor. It will mostly be grading for an online international movie course, which is way cool. Wouldn’t you love to be paid to watch movies?

OK – bed time. Momma’s gotta get her rest.

January 11, 2008

Day 11.

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So I’m still reading, but I’ve decided not to blog about it (see last entry). It’s too personal, I’m too sarcastic, and Genesis it too boring. I don’t have much to say about all of those family trees and ridiculous names that I can’t pronounce. My brain doesn’t enjoy reading words that take work to pronounce, so I just replace them in my head. Bob beget Joe who beget John, etc.

Etta Lee is enjoying life and is less bored now that she has her fabulous Fisher Price Jumperoo that Grammie and Grandpa Danley gave her for Christmas. She also has figured out how to reach up and grab the fish hanging from her Aquarium playmat. She talks to Grammie on the phone daily and tells her stories. Yesterday she had a very serious talk with Grandpa, telling him how she expects to see him next week at Grammie’s house. Some days she takes calls from Aunt KT, but often she’s too busy sleeping. You may try to call her if you’d like — she is most talkative while she’s getting her pants changed.

I’m trying to post a photo, but I can’t seem to get them off my iPhone. Stupid piece of crap. I’ll come back and add it later if I get it to work. In the meantime, this one will have to do:

Etta the Puppy

Love you!

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